Fully Alive with the Passion of Christ

Our mission at South Highland Presbyterian Church is to be fully alive with the passion of Christ.

It is more than our mission; it is our covenant. It is the very heartbeat of the promise we make to God and our neighbor. Serving with the passion of Christ is our response to God's loving grace. It is in our response to God's grace that we find our purpose, our joy, our peace, and our radiance. As an urban church, the light of Christ radiates from us, touching the lives of a socially, economically, and racially diverse community---quite literally right outside our doors. We lovingly welcome and serve all with the passion of Christ---from college students and professors to the homeless and the affluent; from the mentally and physically challenged to families and singles; from all ages of children to all ages of adults.

It is the serving of those inside our doors and the reaching out to serve those right outside our doors that fuels us to serve those far from our doors---in the prisons of our cities, the impoverished slums of Mexico, and the AIDS-ridden rural areas of Africa. Walking out any door at South Highland, one will see a plaque which reads, "You are now entering the mission field." That is our belief at South Highland. The love and passion of Christ lives inside the walls of our church, but it does not remain inside. It is carried by each of us into the hurting and broken world beyond us. It is