Electronic Giving

You can now make payments online! You can offer your tithe, a payment for your youth or child to go to camp, a memorial for someone, a donation to the South Highland Center, and more! You can now pay right here for anything you would've written a check or turned cash into the church office previously. You cannot pay for Wednesday Night Dinners here but we do now use the Square so you can pay with a credit or debit card in person.

We are currently having problems with our usual form to submit online....

Paypal and giving works.... it's just our forms that aren't consistent!

Feel free to try to form below but if you have any problems, follow these simple steps:

1 - Email Leah Gardner (lgardner@southhighland.org) letting her to anticipate your payment through PayPal. The email should include:

- Subject line: Egiving from ??(insert your name here)??

- Your Name

- Your contact phone number

- the amount you plan to submit through PayPal

- the intention of the money - tithe, payment for camp, donation for a certain fund, etc.

2 - Next, click the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of this page. It will take you direction to SHPC's Paypal page.

If you have any trouble with the button though, simply visit PayPal - (paypal.com)

If you have an account already -

A - Click "Log In" on the homepage and login with your username and password

B - If you encounter ads, click "Proceed to Account Overview"

C - Once on your Summary Page, click "Pay or send money"

D - Click on "Send money to friends or family"

E- Enter "lgardner@southhighland.org" and click "Next"

F - Enter the amount you wish to give

G - Click "Write a note" and send a brief message about who you are and why you are giving (similar to the info you included in your email to Leah)

H - Click "Continue"

I - If info is correct, click "Send Money Now"

If you do not have an account

A - Click "Sign Up"

B - Choose "Personal Account"

C - Follow the steps to create your account.

D - Pick up with step "C" above - if you are not already on your "Summary Page," click "Summary" at the top of the screen to take you there.

If you have any questions, contact Suzanne Cornett.