Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School programming at South Highland has always been one of our greatest treasures. Continuing in that rich tradition, SHPC offers twelve Adult Sunday School classes covering a variety of subjects from Bible Studies to current issues. Also recognizing that opportunities for Adult Education are not limited to Sunday mornings, many of our Bible Studies and Groups meet at various times throughout the week. It is our hope that one or more of these offerings will meet your educational and spiritual needs, enriching not only your life but also the world in which we live.

Classes are held Sunday during the 9:30 to 10:30 hour.

Meets in the Small Dining Room. A four week class for prospective members of SHPC, offered by the Membership Unit. Classes are held every other month. Led by Jon and Jan Bell and Rev. Dr. Jim Truesdell.

Meets in room G-14. A class for women of all ages, with study, prayer, and lively discussion. This class studies the sermon text for each Sunday from biblical and historical perspectives. The contacts are Mary Waite and Sue Keith. Teacher: Susan Laney

The Leadership Class (on hiatus this summer, returning Sunday after Labor Day)
Meets in room G-21. A long-established, lively group of adults, undertaking challenging study topics. The class studies a wide range of material of mutual interest to its members. Contacts are John and Beverly Goff.

New Covenant Group (meeting with The Upper Room this summer for a continuation of study in the Gospel of John. Encountering Jesus in a verse by verse study and wrestling with implications for obedience to Him.)
Meets in Parlor. This class is a diverse group of people in a variety of different life circumstances including families with young children. It is led by Jim Truesdell. How Can We Know Jesus? A yearlong study of the gospel according to John. The New Covenant Class, which meets in the parlor from 9:45 till 10:45am Sunday mornings, will be walking slowly and deliberately through the gospel of John in 2016. The gospel was written so that hearers and readers would believe that Jesus is the Messiah and have life by his name. Through a series of personal encounters, John tells about Jesus, God’s plan for the world and our response. This slow deliberate approach is intended to do more than deepen our knowledge of this part of the Bible. Through this study we will discover what Jesus means when he says “If you love me, you will obey my commandments” (John 14:15). Throughout the year, there will be guest teachers who have a special interest and expertise in the gospel of John. New participants are always welcome. Whether you come for a brief time or if you come for the whole 2016 study of John, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel welcome.

Market Place People
Meets in room G-09. This class focuses on Bible study and fellowship. Led by Dr. Charles Fowler.

Making a Home for Faith
Meets in room G-16. Led by Larry and Kathryn Michael. This is a men's and women's class, ages 30-ish to 60ish, to seek to apply scripture in everyday living. Contact the Michaels for more information.

The Upper Room (meeting with New Covenant in the Parlor this summer for a continuation of study in the Gospel of John. Encountering Jesus in a verse by verse study and wrestling with implications for obedience to Him.)
Meets in room G-15 again this fall. A men’s and women’s class designed to explore the various teachings that lead us deeper into our relationship with Christ. The contact for this class is Samantha Plumb.

Meets in room G-17. This class invites people of all ages and backgrounds for Bible-focused studies. Leaders are Marty and Leland Keller.

Family Foundations
Meets in the Library Prayer Room. Members of this class generally have children. Focus is on the relevance of Bible topics to current issues. Enjoying God’s Word and fellowship together. The leaders for the class are John Bell and Cody Watson.

Christian Family Living
Meets in room G-16. A men’s and women’s class, ages 30-ish to 60-ish, seek to apply scripture to everyday living. (Currently meeting with Making a Home for Faith Class)

The Dobyns - Builders Class
Meets in the Builders Classroom by the Fellowship Hall. A men’s and women’s class of middle-to-senior adults. Currently studying a uniform series study “Toward a New Creation.” Theme of ethical responses Christians need today in living out authentic Christian faith. Led by Ken Laney and Joe Whitley.

Connected in Christ
Meets in G-22. Connected in Christ is a group of twenty-something to thirty-something young adults who seek to connect within the Body of Christ. This group believes it important to study the Scripture regularly, be proactive in our service to others, have valuable relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and especially to have fun together outside the walls of the church building! Don and Kristy Miley are the leaders for this group.

Meets in the Minister's Conference Room. This is a contemplative/centering prayer class open to all who would like to spend the Sunday School hour studying the bible and praying as a contemplation class. This class is designed so that each class stands on its own therefore welcoming drop-ins to join in prayer on any given Sunday. It is led by Mary Price.