Sharing God's Love with Preschoolers

Some enter the door with big smiles on their faces ready to join the group. Others cling to Mom or Dad and look cautiously around. Quickly, these children let go of their parents as they are embraced by Robyn Williams and Katya O'Leary who lead an SHPC preschool class. Both Robyn and Katya have a God- given talent to teach, and for twenty years, they have lived into this talent as they share the stories of the Bible to the SHPC preschool children. Why do these two dedicated and special women continue to teach the youngest members of our congregation?

Robyn responded to this question with a laugh, "It is fun and they are so sweet. I like teaching the youngest children because I'm certain any question they ask I can answer." Even though she jokes about her contributions, Robyn acknowledges that she is laying a Christian foundation by teaching them about Jesus' love and that the church is a joyful place where they will experience that love. There is another reason too, Robyn knows from experience that parents are better able to open their hearts and minds to God's message when their children are in a safe and nurturing environment.

Katya gave two reasons why she teaches. First, teaching is a way she fulfills the congregational vows we all make at baptisms, when we “assume the responsibility for nurturing the child into the Christian life.” She also views teaching as her mission work. “Sharing God's love and lessons with young children is a blessing to me as much as for the children."

Robin and Katya are just two of the SHPC children's Sunday School teachers that practice what Jesus taught, "Let the children come to me." For twenty years and counting, Robyn and Katya are changing lives….with the passion of Christ.