South Highland’s Top Notch Kid

South Highland proudly supports many local mission organizations with financial resources. One such organization is the Presbyterian Home for Children located in Talladega. In a letter dated May 8, 2014, SHPC was commended for being the largest financial contributor to the Home from our Presbytery during 2013. For 150 years, the Presbyterian Home has been serving the needs of the most vulnerable young people in Alabama. The Home noted that “Through the generosity of friends like you, these children come to know God’s grace in so many ways.” You might know one such child, SHPC member Barbara Camp.

Having lost her mother at the age of 5, Barbara moved into the Presbyterian Home at the age of 10. Barbara had many chances to leave the Home, but she chose not to, “It was a great life.” Over the next 13 years, the Home would support Barbara as she excelled in school, being a cheerleader and President of the Student Body. The Home sent Barbara and a friend to college at Montevallo. Still today, Barbara can hear Mrs. Barker, the house mother, telling her and her friend,“You are going to be some top notch kids.” Mrs. Barker took the girls to Montevallo, decorated their rooms, and ensured they were ready to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Barbara recalls a fellow class member commenting to her friend, “We heard there are two orphans in your class.”, to which she responded, “You are looking at one of them.”

The Presbyterian Home for Children nurtures the full child. Barbara noted the President of the school at the time, Mr. Jacobs, even screened her choice of husand when he said, “Barbara, you kinda like that pill pusher, don’t you?”, referring to Wilkie, her husband of 54 years who happens to be a pharmacist. The Home went on to give Barbara and Wilkie a beautiful wedding.

As the letter to SHPC stresses, contributions to the Home ensure that the children are able to grow up to be the people God meant them to be. For 52 years here at South Highland, “top notch kid” Barbara Camp has been what God meant her to be. The contributions from SHPC to the Presbyterian Home for Children are changing lives….with the passion of Christ.