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The following information, taken from Children's Ministry Magazine, offers some useful suggestions regarding teaching children about prayer.

"What you teach children about prayer can affect their relationship with God. When children ask questions about prayer, it is important to take them seriously. Here are common questions children ask, along with suggested answers.

If God already knows what I'm thinking, why should I bother praying? God loves you and wants you to talk to him. When you spend time talking to God in prayer, it shows that you love God, too.

How can God hear me if I don't say the words aloud? God can hear you because he knows your thoughts, and God can understand you no matter what language you pray in. Whether you shout, sing, whisper, or use sign language, God listens to your prayers.

Should I kneel, stand up, or sit down when I pray? God can hear you no matter what position you're in, even if you're lying down in bed. The important thing about praying isn't whether you kneel, stand or sit, but that you reflect an attitude of reverence or respect for God.

If God hears my prayers, why don't I get everything I ask for? God doesn't give us everything we want, but he gives us everything we need. You have to trust that God knows what is best for you." (Article by Gina Lee, reused with permission from Children's Ministry Magazine, March/April 2002)

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Here are a few of our favorite web pages to enjoy - check them out and have some fun!! If you know of other helpful sites for children and parents, please contact Children's Ministries Director Katya O'Leary, or call (205) 933-0790 so we can add them to our list.

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