Awesome August Sundays


* FILL *

* ACT *

AUGUST 13 – BLESS: “Blessing of the Backpacks Day”

9:30am - Open House for parents to learn about the upcoming year

Parents of Children age 0-5K and youth meet in Small Auditorium. Come meet your child's teachers and hear about plans for the coming year. The youth will lead fun actiities for the children in the Small Dining Room.

11am Service – Blessing of the Backpacks and educators

AUGUST 20 – FILL: “Mission to Neighbors Day”

9:30am – Groups gather for prayer walk and to canvas the neighborhood with invitation cards for our neighbors while another group fills gallon blessing bags for Greater Birmingham Ministries and our Good Sam program. We need these items for the bags:

Greater Birmingham Items

packages of crackers

packages of nuts

bags of gummy fruit snacks

juice boxes

rice krispie treats individually wrapped

boxes of crayons

pencils and erasers

index cards

Good Samaritan Items

small packs of Kleenex

small hand sanitizers

toothbrush and toothpaste


small packages of wet wipes


soap and wash cloth

disposable razors

After the 11am Worship Service – Groups again gather for prayer walk and to canvas the neighborhood with invitation cards for our neighbors.

AUGUST 27 – ACT: “South Highland Mission Bus”

Wear any SHPC shirt you have – VBS, Bob’s Tigers, Youth Retreat, etc.

9:30am – All Aboard the South Highland Mission Bus – Lobby Reception Area

This will be an intergenerational event for all South Highlanders for the purpose of highlighting and promoting our local ministries which are already in place. We want South Highlanders to ACT: A - ask questions, C - communicate with ministry teams, and T - take action!.

Following the 11am Worship Service – Lunch in the Davis Family Hall hosted by the SHPC Foundation Board of Directors. This is great opportunity to meet with Directors and get an answer to any question one may have about the Foundation and its important role in supporting South Highland's ministries.