Cookies for Kairos

I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.

Matthew 25:36

The Kairos Prison Ministry Team that will be going into Donaldson Correction Facility, October 19-22. Each Kairos team member going into the prison is responsible for taking 10 dozen homemade cookies in with them. Your help and support is needed.

Ministry Opportunity for You

Please consider supporting the team with your prayers!

Baking Kairos Cookies
Homemade cookies are a tangible expression of Christian love and an indication of God’s concern for a group of people who seldom encounter either in the course of their daily lives. On Thursday afternoon cookies go with coffee and other beverages to soften the first tense minutes of the meeting between the inmates and team members. There is an endless supply of cookies for the rest of the weekend. Your loving sacrifice will provide “bread” that shines the Light of God’s Grace into the darkest corners of Donaldson Prison. May God bless you gift of baking!

Cookie Preparation
It is very important not to use fruit, icing, sugar, or any other type of coating on the outside of the cookie.

The Key Ingredient: Prayer
Pray individually or as a family over the ingredients before and during mixing. Pray over the cookies as you drop them onto the cookie sheet and bake them. Ask God to use your cookies as a source of His love to shine on the prisoners and staff on the Kairos weekend. Pray that each cookie brings the inmate, guard, or warden who eats it closer to God. We want every person to become part of the Family of God.

Packing the Cookies
Bag the “cooled” cookies in quart-sized Zip Lock bags, a dozen to a bag. Label each bag with the cookie type inside. Cookies can be left in the kitchen Wednesday the 18th or contact Fred Esleck for pick up.

To make a Donation -
Checks should be made payable to South Highland marked Kairos Donaldson.