Disaster Assistance for Wetumpka

A devastating tornado hit Wetumpka on Saturday, January 19, 2019. One of the hardest hit places was our sister church First Presbyterian Church in Wetumpka. It was built in 1856.

But the congregation and pastor say they will still be church!

Read more in the Montgomery Advertiser!

And Rev. Jonathan Yarboro shared this information about how you can help!


The family of First Presbyterian Church (FPC) of Wetumpka would like to express deep gratitude to our sisters and brothers of our Presbytery. The outpouring of love, support, and offers of assistance has been astounding. God’s blessings indeed overflow. We have begun the claim process with The Insurance Board. They are outstanding. We are covered for full replacement of our historic sanctuary and all other buildings. The short of it is that we will not need a rebuilding fund.

I would like to make a personal request to everyone who has asked for specific ways of helping. If you or your church wants to help FPC Wetumpka in a financial way, please consider one of the following 2 options.

1. Give to the Presbytery Disaster Assistance (PDA) fund for our community. You can give directly to PDA, through Presbytery, or through FPC Wetumpka.

2. Give to Living River. FPC Wetumpka has pledged $100,000 for a pool at Living River. That pledge is contingent on securing the remaining funds for that project from other sources.


Rev. Jonathan Yarboro, First Presbyterian Church of Wetumpka