Officer Nominations

NOMINATION FORM Deadline for submitting Nominees ~ Wednesday, March 7

The 2018 Officer Nominating Committee asks that the membership of SHPC

prayerfully consider persons to be nominated for the office of

6 Deacons, 8 Elders and 1 Trustee, Class of 2021.

All active confirmed members are eligible for election to these boards and members

are encouraged submit names on the tear tear off strip at the bottom the Sunday bulletins

or submit names to the Nominating Committee.

Please be reminded that the Office of Elder provides for the mission and governing of the church and that the Office of Deacon is a ministry of compassion “to those who are in need, the friendless, and to any who may be in distress.” Officers must be active in regular worship and participation in the life of SHPC and pledging financially to undergird the ministries and missions of SHPC. It is requested that persons being suggested to the Nominating Committee NOT be informed that their names are being proposed.

The 2018 Officer Nominating Committee includes the following people:

Elders: Brody Black, Jim Foster, Laura Ray Deacon: Randy Wilson

Women: Susan Carse, Anna Finkel Men: Glenn Davis, Don Koch

Youth: Rachel Ross-Davis Young Adult: Daniel Hightower

Brody Black, Chair Jim Foster, Co-chair