Wednesday Night Live

Wednesdays in August

5:00 - 6:15pm - Dinner & Fellowship in the Davis Family Hall (see menus below)

6:15 - 7:15pm - Special Programs

Let’s Talk in the Parlor (August 23)

Adult Programs

August 16 - “Prayer with Eyes Wide Open”

Dr. Jim Truesdell shares a biblical foundation for the spiritual practice of prayer walking. This practice creates space for the Holy Spirit to inspire the intercessions of God’s people. Learn insights gained from church planters and missionaries in India that will heighten your own awareness to what God seeks to do right in our own back yard.

August 23 - SHOP

Learn more about this special ministry for adults who are living with mental illness. SHOP, South Highland Outreach Program, is a faith-based program that aims at improving quality of life for the participants. The program meets every Tuesday at SHPC. It nurtures mind, body, and spirit in a social atmosphere.


Dr. Don Wendorf, retired psychologist/author, and his wife Lynda Everman share from their clinical and personal experience. Their insights are most useful as they have the experience on cognitive health issues.



August 16 - Taco Salad Bar & Key Lime Pie

August 23 - Pecan Tilapia (baked chicken available), Long Grain & Wild Rice, Broccoli w/ Cheese Sauce, Garlic Toast, Salad Bar, & Dessert

August 30 - Chicken Alfredo or Marinara, Garlic Toast, Salad Bar, & Tiramisu