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Reopening Update

Resources for this Sunday


* Click here to watch the livestream

* Click here to watch live on Facebook. Be sure you "Like" it to get notifications when we go live!

* Listen on the radio on 850AM and 101.1FM or online by clicking here.

* Click here for the bulletin


Several Sunday school classes plan to meet online, too. Scroll down to find out how to connect.

* Inquirers Sunday School

- Meeting at 9:15am via Zoom

- Click here to join

- Meeting ID: 381 150 9964

- Password: 573647

- If you prefer to connect with audio only using your phone, dial (929) 205-6099

- Input the meeting ID and password when prompted

- Questions: Contact Leland Keller

* Upper Room Sunday School

- Meeting at 9:15am via Zoom

- Click this link to join - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/412836016

- Meeting ID: 412 836 016

- Password: 167127

- You can connect using your phone for audio only by calling (646) 558-8656 or (301) 715-8592

- Questions: Contact Bill Stribling

* Connected in Christ

- Join by browser, smartphone or tablet: https://donbmiley.my.webex.com/meet/donbmiley

- Access code: 147 988 080

- Questions: Contact Don Miley

If your class needs help finding a way to connect, contact the church staff for help! If you aren’t part of a Sunday school class (or part of one that is meeting right now), contact Dina Glass to get connected with one before next Sunday.

Giving During This Time

You can use our electronic giving to pay your tithe, memorial, or any other gifts during this time. If you prefer to mail a check to the church, please send it to our post office box during this time.

South Highland Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 55933
Birmingham, AL 35255

Reopening Update

South Highland Presbyterian Church Policy and Guidelines for Reopening Church Facilities and Services

Phase 1

Covid cases increasing for Jefferson County.

Phase 1 Guidelines

- Worship services held online with live streaming and via radio broadcast.

- Small groups, youth, Bible studies, and Sunday school meet online.

- Church building is closed except for essential personnel – Masks required.

- Mission work continues through outreach as local and State guidelines allow.

Phase 2

Decline in Covid cases in Jefferson County for a period of 14 days.

Phase 2 Guidelines

- Worship services continue online and via radio.

- Bible studies, youth, and Sunday school can meet online or off-site using social distancing protocols for outdoor gatherings as defined by local and State guidelines.

- Church meetings continue online.

- Church building is closed except for essential personnel – Masks required.

- Mission work continues through outreach as local and State guidelines allow.

Phase 3

EITHER a steady decline in Covid cases over an additional 14 day period OR 14 day period of no new cases in Jefferson County.

Phase 3 Guidelines

- Worship services continue online and by radio.

- Gatherings including funerals may be conducted on Church property starting with smaller groups using small group protocols approved by the Task Force. An event form must be submitted by the group and approved in advance by the Task Force

- Masks required.

- Mission work continues through outreach as local and State guidelines allow.

Phase 4

Clear statistical evidence of a significant decline in cases in Jefferson County OR a wide spread vaccine is available.

Phase 4 Guidelines

- Worship services continue online as well as opportunities for in person worship.

- Additional guidelines for gatherings will be provided by the Task Force at this time.

- Gatherings are allowed on Church property starting in small groups and moving to larger groups.

- Evaluation for in person, children, youth, and vulnerable adults will be made in this phase.

- Church building is open for group gatherings by submission of an event form that must be approved by Task Force prior to event.

- Mission work continues through outreach as local and State guidelines allow.

Approved by SHPC Task Force 7/22/20.


Chair: Brad Hale; Rev. Dr. Ed Hurley;

Chairs or representatives of the Coordinating Council: Joey Miller, Beth Atkerson, Cathie Bonner, Jeannie Jones, Jim Harpenau, Kathy Tracey, Gary Harden, Brian Hurst, and Wende Berryhill; Church Members from the medical community: Dr. Carolyn Ashworth, Jody Gilchrist, Dr. Jack Featheringill; Staff: Dina Glass

South Highland Presbyterian Church’s Action Plan for COVID-19

After much discussion, advice, and prayer, your SHPC staff and leadership are implementing this action plan for our church in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage you to connect via internet for worship services, Sunday school classes and other small groups.

Worship Services will be broadcast live over the SHPC website, Facebook and YouTube on Sundays at 11:00am. Click here to watch!

Only worship leaders, broadcasters and other essential personnel will be present in the building. The church will be closed to all public services, public meetings and events until further notice and as we continue to reevaluate in light of health directives.

We are also still broadcasting on the radio on 850AM and 101.1FM for the 11:00am worship service. All of this new and ongoing communication is made possible through the generous gift of the late M. Keith and Maxine Williams. A complete worship bulletin will be posted each week on the website including hymns and scriptures all in one document for you to follow along easily.

The church office will still be closed to the public; however, the staff will be there alternating days, Monday – Thursday 10:00am – 3:00pm. All the staff want to assure you that we are still available to serve our congregation and can be contacted any time by email and cell phone. Be sure to let us know immediately of any pastoral emergency or special needs.

A listing of the staff on call:

Rev. Dr. Ed Hurley – ehurley@southhighland.org

Rev. Dr. Larry Michael – lmichael@southhighland.org

Cort Gatliff – cgatliff@southhighland.org

Abby Gatliff – agatliff@southhighland.org

Dina Glass – dglass@southhighland.org

Matthew Grauberger – mgrauberger@southhighland.org

Brad Hale – bhale@southhighland.org

Gary Harden – gharden@southhighland.org

Brenda Keith – bkeith@southhighland.org

Daniel Killilea – dkillilea@southhighland.org

Katya O’Leary – koleary@southhighland.org

Ways to Worship with SHPC

Tune In

- Find us on your radio on 850AM and 101.1FM (Sundays at 11:00am only)

- Click here to access the audio feed through our website (Sundays at 11:00am only)

- Click here to access the video feed through our website (Sundays at 11:00am and select Wednesdays at 6:30pm)

- Missed our live services? Visit the above video pages to watch the archived services. And click here to listen to archived services.

Follow Along with the Bulletin

- Click here for the bulletin

Share Attendance & Prayer Concerns

- Click here to email Dina Glass and Brenda Keith with who all is tuned in and any prayer concerns they can share with staff for the week ahead

Online Giving

- Click here to keep up with your tithe through giving online

Tune into our YouTube page or our Facebook page on Wednesdays for a special message from our staff related to the focus for the following Sunday.

Watch your email and our social media feeds for any updates!

SHPC Spotlight

Click here to check out some of the happenings around SHPC during this time while we've been apart.