Presbytery Missions

For more information on South Highland Missions, contact Debbie Perkins.

Alabama Campus Ministry: This includes funding and congregational awareness of and interaction with the Alabama Campus Ministries Board.

Liaison with Ministry Inquirers-Candidates: We communicate the church’s interest, affirmation, concern, and support to SHPC members who are Inquirers and Candidates for the ministry.

Presbyterian Home for Children: Located in Talladega, Presbyterian Home for Children is celebrating 140 years of ministry. These children have been subjected to abuse, neglect, poverty, and stress that we can only imagine. The PHFC attempts to provide a stable and nurturing environment for these children. The PHFC operates the Hope Academy which serves the children at the home in grades 1-12 and takes applicants from the public. The school individualizes curriculum for each child to meet his/her needs. You can donate online at

Presbytery Relationships: This includes an exchange of information with the Presbytery concerning World Missions.

Theological Education and Institutions: Theological Education Sunday in September highlights our own church’s Inquirers and Candidates for the ministry and helps increase congregational awareness of the denomination’s theological institutions and their programs.

South Highland Presbyterian Church works closely with Presbyterian organizations both in Alabama and around the country. Some of these efforts include providing a point of contact for college students, providing help to Presbytery-supported agencies, and keeping in touch with the life of our denomination's mission efforts.