SHPC 125th Anniversary

South Highland Presbyterian Church celebrates it's 125th Anniversary this year!

Scroll down below the video to check out our Anniversary Sunday and the events leading up to it.

** Long-sleeve T-shirts - now available for sale in the reception area on Sundays and

Wednesdays for the next 2 weeks. They are sand colored, 100% cotton and feature

the anniversary logo on the front for only $15.00!

** Loved the beautiful watercolor that Gayle Hurley created for the cover of the bulletin and

cookbook? You can get your own copy now! Click here to check out your options for gifts and


** A Heritage of Witness - The most recent portion of our history, 2002-2013, is

being written. When that is complete, Volumes 1 and 2 will be re-published

along with the new volume and bound into one book. This should be available early

in 2014. You can reserve a copy of the book by signing up in the Gallery. Mary

Margaret Yeilding and Mary Joyce Ponder are the contacts.

** Bulletins - Printed bulletins are still available at the Receptionist's Desk

or check out the online version here.

** Audio of the 125th Service:

Part 1 - Greetings

Part 2 - Gospel Lesson

Part 3 - Sermons (1)

Part 4 - Sermons (2)

Part 5 - Sermons (3)

  1. During the time leading up to our 125th Anniversary and our Stewardship Season, we shared some beautiful stories through video. You can check out all of SHPC's videos by clicking here. And enjoy the special video from the Anniversary Service - Touching Lives Today.

Check out all of our Anniversary Sunday and events leading up to it.

Anniversary Sunday Schedule Other Events Share Your Memories Invite Someone History of SHPC

Share your memories... and your memorabilia!

From October 22nd through October 30th, display tables were set up in the gallery awaiting your offerings of pictures, objects from trips, books/booklets, craft items from old VBSs, etc. Members brought items they wanted to show and share with the church family and visitors. These included items from their lives at SHPC: retreats, Montreat, scouts, Sunday School classes, sports teams, missions - local and overseas; weddings... even just pictures from around the church itself through the years - especially at holidays.

Invite Everyone!

Members were encouraged to invite former members and friends or family to SHPC for Anniversary Sunday on October 27th. There were notecards available in baskets in the reception area, on the first floor near the receptionist’s desk, at the 21st Street door, and on the Gallery table. Or email them! Right click on this image and choose "copy image" and paste it into an email or choose "save image as" and attach it to an email to invite your friends and family.

We celebrated Anniversary Sunday on October 27th!

8:30-9:45am - Coffee & Muffins in the Davis Family Hall

8:45am - Choir Practice

9:30am - Sunday School (for those wishing to meet)

9:45am - Gather at the old site across from where Southside Baptist Church now stands

10:00am - Walking Parade from from original site to SHPC's current location

10:30am - Worship Service in the Sanctuary including special speakers, hymns, and other music

12:00pm (after the Worship Service) - Annniversary Reception in the Davis Family Hall

Special Guests included:

Rev. Rick Atkerson – Interim Pastor
Rev. Richard Brooks – Associate Pastor, 1981-1986
Rev. Dr. Sterling Edwards – Senior Pastor, 1964-1976
Rev. Elizabeth Goodrich – Stated Clerk of Presbytery of Sheppards
and Lapsley, member of SHPC prior to becoming clergy
Rev. Robert Hay
Rev. Dr. Samuel Henderson – Associate Pastor, 1991-1997
Rev. Dr. Bert Keller, Jr.
Rev. Peggy McClure – member of SHPC prior to becoming clergy
Rabbi Jonathan Miller - Temple Emanu-El
Rev. Noelle Read – Associate Pastor, 2002-2009
Rev. Dr. Jim Speed – son of SHPC, retired Presbyterian Minister
Rev. John Tarrant
Rev. Dr. Dana Waters III – Senior Pastor, 1987-2000
Rev. Dr. Cody Watson
Rev. Dr. David Weitnauer - Associate Pastor, 1987-1990

Read a special greeting from former SHPC member - His Excellency Most Reverend Joseph Marino, Titular Archbishop of Natchitoches, Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia and Timor Leste

We began the celebration early though...

Here are the events planned as we led up to the big celebration day.

* Coloring Contest for all ages! - Children submitted their own colorized version of “The Legacy Building” drawn by Gayle Hurley.

* Long-Sleeve T-shirts - Interest was expressed in having a new longsleeve T-shirt with the anniversary logo so watch for more info on this.

* Cookbook - We've created a new Cookbook in honor of the anniversary. We sold them through pre-sale. Watch for announcements soon on when they arrive.

* 125th Anniversary Moments - We enjoyed highlights of the history of the church and it's mission work during the Sunday morning services.

* Hymns - We incorporated some of the traditional hymns from previous hymnals in our October worship services.

* PW Fireside Chat - On Monday, October 7th at 6:30pm, members gather for dessert, coffee, and “Stories of SHPC” in the Davis Family Hall. South Highlanders reminisced about life at SHPC back in the days.

* SHPC Memorabilia - Displays were in the reciption areas and gallery towards the end of October.

History of SHPC

A group of dedicated members is writing the most recent portion of our history, 2002-2013. When that is complete, Volumes 1 and 2 will be re-published along with the new volume and bound into one book. This should be available early in 2014. You can reserve a copy of the book on Sundays by signing up and making a partial payment in the Reception Area between services. Mary Margaret Yeilding and Mary Joyce Ponder are the contacts. For more on SHPC's History, click here.