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OT Covenants Women’s Bible Study

OT Covenants Women’s Bible Study

The covenants that God made with His people in the Old Testament are well-known—you can probably think of them all (hint: Adam/Noah, Abraham, Moses and David). And guess what? They all point to Jesus, and He is their fulfillment! Join Rev. Abby Gatliff for a four-week midday Bible study on the Covenants of the Old Testament on Tuesdays at Noon in Davis Family Hall starting September 12. Lunch will be available for advance purchase. Click the button below to sign up and reserve your lunch. For more info, email Abby or call the church office at 205-933-0790.

Archived Sessions

Here are archived videos of the sessions of this study; links to notes and worksheets are in the descriptions. They are also in a playlist on our YouTube channel.

Session 1
Session 2