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Sunday School Classes

Sunday School Classes

Joining a Sunday School class will help you grow in your faith, meet others, and get involved in our ministries.

Many of our classes meet in our building on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. All classes are open to visitors. If you have any questions or would like to attend a class, the contact person listed below would love to hear from you.

For help finding a class that’s right for you, contact pastor Larry Michael.

Marketplace People | Meeting on Zoom

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The Marketplace People class is taking a “lite summer” look at the book of the Revelation throughout the summer season and into early fall. This multi-generational group uses various Bible translations and commentaries to approach the scripture from different perspectives, and always guided by the Holy Spirit. All are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. The class meets via Zoom, which is perfect for those traveling or who just want to attend occasionally. To learn more, please contact class leaders Charles Fowler or Carolyn Ashworth.

Facilitators: Charles Fowler or Carolyn Ashworth

Inquirers Class | Room G18 and on Zoom

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Primarily ages 55+, with 12-20 average attendance. Class is discussion format led by class members. Studies vary from specific books or themes in the Bible to devotional guides related to seasons like Lent, Advent, and other special occasions.

Facilitator: Leland Keller

New Covenant

9:30 a.m., meeting outside on the Chapel steps.

Facilitator: Tom Buck

Upper Room | Room G15 and on Zoom

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This class is currently studying the book “The Good and Beautiful Life.” Made up of mostly senior adults, Upper Room is open to anyone who enjoys learning about and studying God’s Word and special topics of interest. There are about 10–12 participants, and class members rotate teaching responsibilities each week.

Facilitator: Samantha Plumb

Making a Home for Faith | Room G16 and on Zoom

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A biblically centered, multi-generational class geared toward helping members mature in their faith with practical studies that can be applied in their every day lives. All are welcome!

Facilitator: The Rev. Dr. Larry Michael

Youth Sunday School | Youth Suite

This class is for 7th–12th graders and is led by Assistant Minister of Student and Family Discipleship Abby Gatliff.

Facilitator: Abby Gatliff

Assistant Minister’s Class/Young Adult Class | Builder’s Classroom

9:30 a.m., meeting in the Builders’ Classroom

Primarily young adults, with members ranging from mid 20s to late 40s (although all ages are welcome). Assistant Minister Cort Gatliff teaches through books of the Bible and various topics related to the life of faith.

Current study: The Three Enemies of the Soul

Facilitator: Cort Gatliff