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Our History

Our History

The earliest known photograph of South Highland Presbyterian Church, taken in 1895.
Photo Courtesy of Birmingham Public Library Archives.

Established in 1888, South Highland Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest churches in Birmingham. If you would like to discover our church’s rich history, we invite you to read A Heritage of Witness, written to commemorate the church’s 100th anniversary in 1988. A second edition was written to document 1989–2001, covering our move into the new millennium, including the dedication of the new Legacy building in 1997, and the opening of the South Highland Center, our adult daycare. In 2014, a third edition was written containing accounts from the 2000s and into the church’s 125th year. All three editions have been bound together and can be found in the church Library.

South Highland’s Chapel is a quiet and intimate space that hosts weddings and memorial services, concerts, lectures and other events, all surrounded by beautiful stained-glass windows designed and created by the D’Ascenzo Studios of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Get a glimpse of their beauty by clicking here for a booklet about the windows’ design and history.

The Lord has blessed our church for over 135 years, and we look forward to the next chapter in South Highland’s story.