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Our Staff

Our Staff

The Rev. Dr. Edwin Hurley
Senior Minister
The Rev. Dr. Larry Michael
Pastor for Adult Ministries
Cort Gatliff
Assistant Minister for Discipleship
Abby Gatliff
Assistant Minister for Student and Family Discipleship
Kenny Lewis
Director of Music Ministries
Katya O’Leary
Director of Children’s Ministry
Dallas Knight
Ministry Intern for Youth Discipleship
Brad Hale
Director of Administration and Finance
Dina Glass
Executive Assistant to the Pastors
Jeannie Jones
Administrative Assistant to the Congregation
Gary Harden
Financial Assistant
Debby Haralson
Executive Director of SHOP
Joe Whitley
Director of Food Services
David Thames
Director of Food Services

Pictures forthcoming:

Virginia Barr – Director of Children’s Music

Alison Walker – South Highland Center Director

Edward Colbert – Sexton

Joseph Riley – Sexton

David Thames – Sexton/Security Guard