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South Highland Mental Health Outreach Project

Relationships Build Resilience

Dignity. Quality of life. Supportive relationships. These things many of us take for granted. For people living with mental illness, though, those things can be especially hard to come by, and living without them can make life more of a struggle. South Highland Presbyterian Church believes everyone who needs them should have access to high-quality, faith-based mental health programs.

The South Highland Outreach Project (SHOP) is part of the church’s multi-faceted ministries to those with mental health issues. SHOP programs are aimed at improving participants’ quality of life by nurturing mind, body and spirit through a social atmosphere and job readiness training. Over the last 30 years, our outreach programs have helped members of our community to successfully live independently and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

Read more about SHOP below, or contact us here for information on how to get involved.

What We Do

Gathering: When we come together, we find people who understand, accept and value each other. SHOP is a place of kindness. Currently, we meet every Tuesday from 9am – 12pm. Transportation, breakfast and lunch are provided. There is never a charge.

I met my best friend at SHOP.

John Casey
SHOP Participant

Resources: Together, we talk about navigating the mental health system, new research, legal matters, relationships and so much more. Sharing resources helps everyone find help for their particular need.

Outreach: We partner with clinical providers and community organizations to bring an effective, inspiring program for as many people as possible. We love finding new SHOP members, mental health providers, and community partners.

Welcome: SHOP works with churches and other community groups to help build a culture of radical welcome for people living with depression, anxiety and many other mental health challenges. We honor your space, protect your privacy, and believe that friendship is one of the strongest forces imaginable.

Training: When it comes to supporting each other’s mental health, we all have a lot to learn. SHOP provides training opportunities for those interested in building or expanding a mental health ministry. Several SHOP members have become certified peer advocates while others have chosen to share their stories through the “In Our Own Voice” program.

Hope Groups: Smaller support groups meet throughout the week to talk through specific challenges . To learn more about our current Hope Groups, contact us at the link below..

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us here with questions or for more information on how to get involved.