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Officer Nominees

Officer Nominees

The Officer Nominating Committee is pleased to present this year’s slate of nominees for Elder, Deacon and Trustee for the class of 2025. Session has scheduled a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, August 14 to vote on officers. Nominees are listed below; click here to read their brief bios.

  • Nominees for Elder
  • Suzanne Cornett
  • Jill Hightower
  • Christina Hurst
  • Heidi Messier
  • Max McGill
  • Earvin Stapleton
  • Nominees for Deacon
  • Steve Ashworth
  • Beth Atkerson
  • Pam Buck
  • Celina Garza
  • Paige Spencer
  • Talulah Watson

Nominee for Trustee: Mary Margaret Yeilding