Global Missions

Democratic Republic of Congo

Operates a hospital and clinics to care for sick and wounded, houses orphans, and provides micro business loans for widows. To volunteer, contact: Dean Vandegrift

DIG: Development in Gardening

Teaches and develops sustainable and nutrition-sensitive agriculture in Africa and Dominican Republic and enables vulnerable and HIV-affected communities to meet their own needs. To volunteer, contact: Sue Koch

Finding Hope Foundation

Rescues homeless boys from the downtown streets of Harare, Zimbabwe, and gives them a home, education, clothes, medical attention, religious education and love. To volunteer, contact: Lee Cooper

Frontier Fellowship/Bihar Provence, North India

Shares the Gospel in culturally-honoring ways throughout the world and encourages the Body of Christ to engage more deeply in God’s mission to the unreached. SHPC’s focus is in Bihar Province, North India. To volunteer, contact: Cody Watson

Honduras Eye Health Project

Provides first-world eye care to the poor at very little cost in a supportive Christian atmosphere in Honduras, San Pedro Sula. To volunteer, contact: Dr. Jim Kimble

Liaison with Missionaries

Provides partial salary support for and maintains contact with seven mission co-workers/couples serving in Congo, South Sudan, Madagascar, Middle East and Asia. To volunteer, contact: Marty Keller

Lovemore Boys

Enables orphaned boys in Harare, Zimbabwe, to complete their education. To volunteer, contact: Lee Cooper


Provides support to mission co-workers, Dan and Elizabeth Turk, and their projects in community health and agriculture. To volunteer, contact: Marty Keller

Middle East Endeavors

Supports the work of Presbyterian churches in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq that are ministering to refugees of wars. To volunteer, contact: Marty Keller

Mission Networking

Engages our congregation in partnering with South Sudanese and Congolese Christians in ministry among their people. To volunteer, contact: Dr. Eleanor Wright or Dean Vandergrift

Outreach in Muslim Context

Impart knowledge and develop informed, ethical, and responsible citizens who are prepared and committed to learn, lead, and serve through Forman Christian College in Pakistan. To volunteer, contact: Marty Keller

Presbyterian Education Board, Pakistan

Offers quality elementary and secondary education to individuals of all religious backgrounds who choose to study at missionary institutions. To volunteer, contact: Marty Keller

Short Term Mission Trips

Provides interested persons an opportunity to visit specific SHPC outreach locations and participate in the ministry. To volunteer, contact: Marty Keller

South Sudan

Supports educational capacity building, including teacher training and trauma healing training, in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan. To volunteer, contact: Dr. Eleanor Wright

Tete Province Mozambique

Bring indigenous people in Mozambique to Christ through the use of the Jesus film. Builds churches, schools, medical clinics, bore holes and a training center with the help of local people who are taught carpentry, midwifery, and sewing. To volunteer, contact: Marty Keller

The Outreach Foundation (TOF)

An international mission of connecting and supportingPresbyterians to build the capacity of the Presbyterian Church to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ around the globe. To volunteer, contact: Dr. Ed Hurley

Witness Season/Global Mission Education

Provide opportunities for better understanding by South Highlanders of how they can be involved in responding to the Great Commission. To volunteer, contact: Debbie Laws