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Lovemore Boys Update 2022

Lovemore Boys Update 2022

In 2009, South Highland began supporting an orphanage in Zimbabwe called the Lovemore Home, through the Outreach Foundation of the PC (USA). Due to economic and other factors, the home was forced to close in 2014, leaving many young people in a difficult situation. But our church was able to maintain contact with some of the boys, following and supporting their progress through the educational system. Here is an update from the Outreach Foundation.

Tichaona Baradzi

We can’t say Praise God! and Hallelujah! enough that TICHAONA BARADZI and MUNASHE  KAMANGIRA have graduated university – and in the midst of COVID!

TICHAONA graduated University of Zimbabwe, in Harare, in Veterinary Sciences.  With a bit of seed money he started a chicken farm – with 500 chickens – which has morphed into amore profitable piggery.  Additionally, he is now building a small 3-shop strip mall.  He is quite the entreprenur, and has been blessed with extended family property to use.

Munashe Kamangira

MUNASHE graduated the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo.  His major subjects were IT and Accounting.  Recently he has begun a new graphics company, DOPEM, whose goal is to assist start-up companies with their advertising and visibility.

We are so proud of these young men, and are thankful that their extended families stepped up to the plate to encourage them.  This confirms our understanding that orphans with even a little family support fare better in life.  Prayers for these two!


WILDERNESS NIYRENDA and BRANDON MUGANHIRA are in their last term at Gloag Secondary Boarding School before sitting for their A level exams.  How well they perform on these exams will determine which courses they will qualify for at university.  Both are bright and well-behaved, and they communicate with South Highland regularly.

BRANDON CHINYANGA is well on his way at Midlands University to completing a degree in Development.  He is waiting for exam results from last term before starting a one-year attachment.  He has never had the blessing of extended family or foster parents, but has stayed at Zambuko Catholic House during holidays.  He is particularly bright and is working hard to overcome some harmful habits developed at school.  BRANDON needs our prayers!

MILAN TASUNUNGURWA, after a slow start, has settled well  at Gweru Polytechnic studying Logistics and Transport.  Like Brandon Chinyanga, he has had no extended family and no foster parents.  He stays between school terms and on holiday at Zambuko Catholic House.  We are so grateful to this Catholic mission for continuing to house these young men beyond their maximum orphan age.

Both BRANDON AND MILAN are receiving psychological counselling – BRANDON from a psychologist in Harare, and MILAN from Presbyterian pastors in Harare and Gewru.  They are making good progress!

SIMBARASHE SIMBARASHE wants a new last name!  He has foster parents who love and support him very much, and who indeed are working with Social Welfare to find a birth certificate.  He has had mixed results at Harare Polytechnic, and is also awaiting exam results from last term.

As the Lovemore boys have grown into young men, they have become more aware and so appreciative of the support they have received from The Outreach Foundation and South Highland, who provide 100% of their educational aid.  Vickie Chatikobo of the Presbytery of Zimbabwe is their unofficial mother and contact in Harare.

TRUST KARIKOGA, a Lovemore boy who did not qualify academically, has built a good car and truck washing business.  He is a very committed Christian, and is in love!!  He is struggling to accumulate lobola, which in Zimbabwe grooms must pay to the bride’s father before marriage

This group of orphans in Zimbabwe has made remarkable progress, and they know that we care very much about them.  We pray for your continued support through The Outreach Foundation or South Highland Presbyterian Church.