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Two Reasons to Give Thanks

Two Reasons to Give Thanks

Sebber Banda

Over the years, South Highland has supported a number of young people growing up in Africa. Sebber Banda, for several years the head of the Tete Province Holistic Evangelism Project in Mozambique, recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Public Health! Now she is more equipped to teach rural women how to be better midwives.  This degree is truly a blessing for Sebber, since she is a single mom to 2 children and has been working full time!

Good news also for former Lovemore Home resident Ian Busu. When we first met Ian, he was having trouble finding a job and had learned that he is diabetic. SHPC and The Outreach Foundation helped him continue is education at university in Zimbabwe. On December 2, Ian will graduate (again) with a bachelor’s degree in Education in Mathematics. And on his own, Ian has already begun working on his Master’s degree.

Kudos, congrats and many blessings to Sebber and Ian!