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Thinking Outside the Toolbox

Thinking Outside the Toolbox

I was quite moved during the construction of a Habitat home for the Tonnesha Banks family last fall. On my first day at the build, I noticed a blessing written on a stud in a wall. The next week there were more prayers and blessings written on the frame of the house. This continued for several more weeks until the frame was covered over with sheet rock and siding.

God’s presence can be found in every room of the Banks’ home.

“It’s easy to stay stuck, to be stuck in poverty,” a Habitat family member said. “Some people inherit money, but some people inherit poverty. To think outside the scope of poverty is hard. So, when you have a hand up – like Habitat offers – that hand up turns out to be a different kind of inheritance: hope.” This is why I volunteer my time with Habitat for Humanity. I can give someone a “hand up”” rather than” instead of a handout.

Our congregation has a deep-rooted relationship with Habitat for Humanity Birmingham. South Highlander Greta Clark served as the first Executive Director of HFHB from 1983-1985. Member Jan Kimble has served on the board, and a child of South Highland, Drew Bonner, is currently the Vice President of Operations for HFHB. South Highland has partnered with HFHB to build over 20 houses in the Birmingham community! The missions of HFHB (seeking to put God’s love into action) and SHPC (serving with the passion of Christ) fortify this partnership.

God may be calling you to support this outreach by volunteering your time and talents. Contact me by email so I can help you answer that call. In partnership with HFHB and the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley, South Highland will build another house in 2023.

– SHPC Member Don Koch