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News & Updates

News & Updates

Below you’ll find the latest news and updates from South Highland.

Building Project Progress April 2024

South Highland’s Administration Ministry Team, which is overseeing our church-wide building renovation project, is excited to update the congregation on recent progress on several projects. Pointing This work was actually begun last year in advance of the fundraising campaign, thanks to a generous donation, and was the catalyst that ignited the Building for the Future campaign. It involved needed repairs to deteriorated mortar around some of the stonework on the Legacy Building. Work in that area has been completed and…

Presbytery Ponderings on Matthew 25

Some thoughts from Rev. Dr. Sue Westfall, General Presbyter of the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley—January 2024 Greetings, friends, As you know, the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley is part of the PCUSA’s Matthew 25 initiative. As of today, 1,180 congregations have embraced the vision. In addition, 96 mid councils and 66 groups have committed to helping our denomination become a more relevant presence worldwide. The Matthew 25 invitation focuses on Matthew 25:31-46, the parable of the sheep and goats…

Partnering to Relieve Homelessness

Avery Rhodes, Founder and Executive Director of Birmingham’s Community on the Rise, spoke to a warm and wonderful SHPC crowd at a special Chili After Church event on Sunday, January 28, 2024. Community on the Rise works with people experiencing homelessness in our community. Their truly problem-solving approach embraces survivors by celebrating their strengths and gifts, providing housing in the beautiful Marigold House, and offering a full range of counseling and gainful employment in an eco-friendly business. All to help…

PNC Update January 2024

At both worship services on Sunday, January 14, 2024, members of the Pastor Nominating Committee offered a status report on their work. Watch their 11 a.m. update below.

The Christmas Difference

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 The words above penned by the Apostle John almost 2000 years ago speak to the world in which Christ the Savior came. Under the rule of the harsh Roman Empire, the Jewish nation suffered much at the hands of their rulers. The phenomenal birth of Jesus brought many different characters together, whether they were angels, shepherds, wise men –all came together to worship the newborn…

December Process Update

Greetings, South Highltanders! The Pastor Nominating Committee continues to be hard at work preparing for our upcoming  pastoral transition. As noted in our previous update in October, on a weekly basis we have conducted both internal and external meetings. As the SHPC family knows, in all circumstances God’s blessings abound and that certainly applies to the PNC’s discernment process. During our short time together since late June when the Ministry Discernment Profile (MDF) was approved by the Presbytery, we have…

Interim Pastor Named

On recommendation from the Transitional Pastor Nominating Committee, the Session has unanimously named The Rev. Sam Henderson as Interim Senior Pastor starting in January 2024.  Sam is a familiar face to long-time South Highlanders, as he served as an Associate Pastor here from 1991-1997, during the Senior Pastorate of Dr. Dana Waters. Following service in four called pastorates, he retired from full-time parish ministry after sensing a call to dedicated service as an interim pastor. He has served in ten…

Terrorism and War in Israel

Southside Faith Communities Public Statement of Support for our Neighbors and Friends October 12, 2023 As we write this, we know that both Israelis and Palestinians are living in a state of terror, as war rains down on civilians on both sides. We also know that the horrific violence in Israel and Gaza is exacerbating the fear of Jews, Muslims, and Palestinians living around the world, including here in Birmingham. As an interfaith organization, we focus our energies on what…

Update on Our Afghani Friends

by Laura Chapman Editor’s Note: We received word near the end of August 2023 that the Akbarys’ asylum application has been approved. Thanks be to God! It’s been 2 years since our Afghan allies, including the Akbary family, fled Afghanistan due to the fall of their government to the Taliban. They were invited to live in the United States and, with the help of resettlement organizations like Inspiritus and friends like many of you, they are moving forward and successfully…

Ministry Discernment Profile

The Pastor Nominating Committee has been diligently working to complete the Ministry Discernment Profile (MDP), essentially the job description for our senior pastor and a thumbnail description of our church. Good news: we received approval of this Form from the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry! We are set to move forward with publishing the Form. We are so thankful for all of your input thus far. To read the Presbytery approved MDP, please click here or use the big button below.…

Thanks for Taking the Survey

The Pastor Nominating Committee has been hard at work reading all of the survey responses on your thoughts for the past, present, and future of South Highland.  Thank you for all of the responses, your thoughts and opinions are vital to our work as representatives of the congregation of South Highland Presbyterian Church! Sincerely, The Pastor Nominating Committee

Matthew 25: An Imperative

When Columbia Theological Seminary president Dr. Victor Aloyo visited South Highland in May 2023, he made a big impression with impassioned preaching and teaching. One highlight of his visit was a Sunday School class where he spoke on the topic of “Matthew 25: An Imperative,” highlighting the importance of understanding Jesus’ teaching in Matthew’s gospel. If you missed the class, you may watch the Zoom recording below.
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