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PNC Update January 2024

At both worship services on Sunday, January 14, 2024, members of the Pastor Nominating Committee offered a status report on their work. Watch their 11 a.m. update below.

December Process Update

Greetings, South Highltanders! The Pastor Nominating Committee continues to be hard at work preparing for our upcoming  pastoral transition. As noted in our previous update in October, on a weekly basis we have conducted both internal and external meetings. As the SHPC family knows, in all circumstances God’s blessings abound and that certainly applies to the PNC’s discernment process. During our short time together since late June when the Ministry Discernment Profile (MDF) was approved by the Presbytery, we have…

Interim Pastor Named

On recommendation from the Transitional Pastor Nominating Committee, the Session has unanimously named The Rev. Sam Henderson as Interim Senior Pastor starting in January 2024.  Sam is a familiar face to long-time South Highlanders, as he served as an Associate Pastor here from 1991-1997, during the Senior Pastorate of Dr. Dana Waters. Following service in four called pastorates, he retired from full-time parish ministry after sensing a call to dedicated service as an interim pastor. He has served in ten…

Ministry Discernment Profile

The Pastor Nominating Committee has been diligently working to complete the Ministry Discernment Profile (MDP), essentially the job description for our senior pastor and a thumbnail description of our church. Good news: we received approval of this Form from the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry! We are set to move forward with publishing the Form. We are so thankful for all of your input thus far. To read the Presbytery approved MDP, please click here or use the big button below.…

Thanks for Taking the Survey

The Pastor Nominating Committee has been hard at work reading all of the survey responses on your thoughts for the past, present, and future of South Highland.  Thank you for all of the responses, your thoughts and opinions are vital to our work as representatives of the congregation of South Highland Presbyterian Church! Sincerely, The Pastor Nominating Committee

PNC Survey 4/9/23

Greetings, South Highlanders! The Pastor Nominating Committee has been hard at work preparing for our upcoming pastoral transition. As part of that process, we want to hear your thoughts on the past, present, and future of South Highland, as well as the qualities and skills that are most important for our next Senior Pastor to possess. A short survey was provided to all SHPC members via email. Paper copies were also available to pick up at various locations throughout the…