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Update on Our Afghani Friends

Update on Our Afghani Friends

by Laura Chapman

Editor’s Note: We received word near the end of August 2023 that the Akbarys’ asylum application has been approved. Thanks be to God!

It’s been 2 years since our Afghan allies, including the Akbary family, fled Afghanistan due to the fall of their government to the Taliban. They were invited to live in the United States and, with the help of resettlement organizations like Inspiritus and friends like many of you, they are moving forward and successfully building new lives in their new country and local communities.  

The Akbarys, like 76% of those who have come, have a temporary form of immigration status known as Humanitarian Parole that is valid for 2 years at a time. While their parole was recently extended for another two years, their long term futures remain uncertain. Without legal permanent residency, they face the risk of returning to the same persecution from which they fled.

Last month, Congress reintroduced the Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA). The AAA is legislation that if passed would create a pathway to permanent residency for Afghans who were granted Humanitarian Parole. Won’t you help these new friends keep the safety and stability of the new lives they’ve started building? Click here to learn more.