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2022 Confirmand Faith Statements

2022 Confirmand Faith Statements

Our confirmand class this year included Angeline Arden Turnbull, Bartley Stokes Goodrich, John Bartow Lloyd, and Patrick Grey Watts. Below is each confirmand’s personal faith statement:

Arden Turnbull:

I believe that God is the Creator of everything.  He loves me and all of his other creations, and wants me to enjoy all the beauty.  He will always help me overcome challenges.  God is always with me, can always hear me, and gives me strength when he knows I need it.  Even when I sin, he will forgive me.  God is proud of me and my accomplishments.  God is powerful and loving, taking care of me forever.  Somehow, God knows my future and somehow, knows what’s best for me.

Jesus poured all of himself into saving us from sin, so that we can live in the light before God.  Jesus died on the cross to benefit us, to help us .  he loves me.  He still lives, and one day will come back to earth and save us again.  He is actively preparing a place for me in Heaven, where he will be when my day comes.  But as of today, and from here on, he is taking care of my family who is in heaven.  Jesus will always listen to me, and is there for me when I need him.

The Holy Spirit listens to me forever and always.  His forgiveness is there to comfort me. He has faith in me, for he will always love me, and the Spirit helps me have faith in God.  When I pray, the Spirit  answers my prayers.  When I’m sad, the thought of the Spirit comforts me.  

I am committed to try and be at the church as much as I can.  I will read the Bible, and pray as much as I can.  I will be a servant of Christ and serve him.  As often as my schedule will allow, I will go to Youth Group.  I will follow and not be ashamed of God even when I am uncomfortable and afraid, for he will help me escape that feeling.  I will try to continue reading my devotional most mornings, and praying before I go to bed.  I am committed to accept the Lord. I believe that God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Although I will spend forever trying to understand, I know God made it that way.  

Bart Goodrich:

I believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

God is the Creator of our world, allowing me to thrive, leading me to trust in Him. My belief in him is a big part of my Christian journey. It is important to bring joy to God by making God feel good about creating us and the universe. My parents got me here, and now I want to partner with God to restore earth to its natural beauty.  

Jesus Christ is my Lord, helping me grow in my journey.  When I celebrate the Sacraments, I celebrate all the things Jesus did for me. Especially, when he died on the cross erasing my sins. He is the Savior to our whole world. I follow his path to grow as a person. He is the one who listens. He is my friend. 

The Holy Spirit is my guide to pray. I believe the Spirit will lead me on the path of the Christian religion as it hears my prayers. It is helping me to talk to God. The Holy Spirit is omnipotent and made everything blessings.I commit myself to the church and to Christianity.  I will help others in times of need.  I will work to restore the wildlife of the earth. Jesus has helped me, and I hope to help Him and be God’s servant.

John Bart Lloyd:

I believe God is the Creator of all things in Heaven and earth. I believe God is my Father in heaven, and God loves me, forgives me, and protects me. Because God loves me, I love Him and want God to be happy. I believe God is powerful and wise.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and he created in the beginning with the Father.  When Jesus was born, his mom was Mary, his stepdad was Joseph, and his real dad is God.  When Jesus was 12, he was in Jerusalem and amazed the people by preaching in the Temple.  I believe Jesus is our savior. He died on the cross for our sins and on the third day he rose from the dead where he ascended into heaven.

I believe the Holy Spirit is God. The Holy Spirit is a comforter and he’s always with me.  It is present, but I can’t see it like the wind; it is powerful in many ways like fire, and it gives life like water. The Holy Spirit is a lover of people. My commitment is praying and reading my Bible. I’m committed to worshipping God, being part of the people and the worship. I will work to be a person of Christ who hears people and trusts in God.

Patrick Watts:

These are the things I believe about God: One Being, very creative, and Holy. The Bible is all about God and the Trinity. While God can be vengeful, God still loves me and is still very merciful. All-knowing and everywhere, God is just a leap of faith – one of those things I need to believe in without seeing. Even though I can’t see God, I can feel his love. It feels great to know I always have someone who loves me; I hope to love God the same.  

God sent Jesus Christ, his only Son, to earth to be born by Mary and raised by Joseph.  He preached about God.  When Jesus healed the sick and turned water into wine, it shows there is always hope even when I can’t see it.  Jesus was crucified, buried, risen, and went to the right hand of God.  I believe and thank Jesus for being tortured and dying for my sins.  His sacrifice for my sins shows not only how much he forgives us, but also his love for everyone.

The Holy Spirit is everywhere. The Spirit is like wind – fast and everywhere.  It is like fire – hot and multipurpose. It is like water – flowing and never stopping. And they are all connected, all together! It’s connected to God; it helps me make good decisions and it helps in life in general.   

Commitment can be a hard thing and a big responsibility. I need to accept something like church and community. I’ve found I have to remind myself of my commitments by praying and going to church and youth group. I would like to use my art to help the church and to visit those who are sick and homebound.