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Interim Pastor Named

Interim Pastor Named

On recommendation from the Transitional Pastor Nominating Committee, the Session has unanimously named The Rev. Sam Henderson as Interim Senior Pastor starting in January 2024. 

Sam is a familiar face to long-time South Highlanders, as he served as an Associate Pastor here from 1991-1997, during the Senior Pastorate of Dr. Dana Waters. Following service in four called pastorates, he retired from full-time parish ministry after sensing a call to dedicated service as an interim pastor. He has served in ten interim pastorates. 

Sam was married to Catherine Jones Henderson for 17 years, having two children, Andrew and Lauren. Widowed in 1997, he was a single parent for five years and now celebrates 21 years with his wonderful wife, Lane. They have five grandchildren plus a new mixed-breed dog named Bunkie, and count themselves blessed and busy!

Sam will commute from his home in Atlanta beginning in January. Click below to read more about Sam’s leadership philosophy and faith perspective.