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December Process Update

December Process Update

Greetings, South Highltanders! The Pastor Nominating Committee continues to be hard at work preparing for our upcoming  pastoral transition. As noted in our previous update in October, on a weekly basis we have conducted both internal and external meetings. As the SHPC family knows, in all circumstances God’s blessings abound and that certainly applies to the PNC’s discernment process. During our short time together since late June when the Ministry Discernment Profile (MDF) was approved by the Presbytery, we have corresponded or met with approximately 60 referral sources and or candidates! The story of God at work at South Highland for generations is a wonderful story to share and we are doing just that. Not only God at work over the generations but in the future. What a blessing it is for each conversation we get to have each week with candidates and referral sources, all thanks be to God.

Please continue to pray for the Committee, the process and the candidates. 

In Christ,

The SHPC Pastor Nominating Committee